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Becoming An Advocate For Solar Power

Solar is a great form of energy, allowing you to power your home in a safe, eco-friendly way while saving money. However, you might find that not everyone feels the same way.
Solar is a great form of advocate successfully for solar power, it’s useful to know as much as we can. We done extensive research on how solar panels work, how to maintain them, how users in various area can get credit for the power they produce, how solar affects the planet, and what tax rebates are available for solar users.
This means that when we talk to you, you friends, family, or even strangers, we have the right answers to all the questions.

Supporting Local Companies To Go Solar

Helping and supporting solar power users is essential in being a solar advocate. This could be as simple as advising a new solar panel owner on panel cleaning tips and tricks or letting them know about available rebates.
However, we also be supporting businesses that use solar power, whether they’re a restaurant, a shop, or a garage.
Now you want to share your convictions in ways that can persuade skeptics, promote policy, and make a contribution to the spread of solar power. However you choose to advocate for the sun and its clean power, you’ll be joining a company who share your convictions and can both inform and support you. So why not get started today?
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Benefits Of Going Solar

Massive Incentives

Massive Incentives

The federal solar tax credit can slash up to 30% from the cost of a home solar-energy system.

Don’t miss out on additional State incentives up to 25% and specific panel credits that our specialists can guide you through claiming!


Financial Stability

Financial Stability

Utility energy rates can double on average every 15 years (without inflation on top…) and most regional energy supplies lobby state legislatures and city boards every year to pass along infrastructure cost upgrades and waste removal fees into your power bill.
Own your own power, enjoy a fixed rate, and stop paying their fees!
Massive Incentives

Renewable Peace Of Mind

Every square meter of our planet receives around 1,366 watts of direct solar radiation .
Stop Renting Dirty Electricity. Take Your Power Back!
Reduce CO2 by 100 tons over lifespan .

Benefits Of Going Solar

Sign Agreement

1. Sign Agreement

A signed agreement clearly outlines every part of the solar panel installation process, including the steps before, during, and after the actual installation, and who is responsible for each. Our solar installation contract is designed to protect both you as well as Solar Advocates.

Site Survey

2. Site Survey

We will look at the roof type, consider the most suitable array size and location, assess the roof for any shade and make sure that all equipment locations and cabling routes are determined. The site survey will ensure you get the most appropriate system for your home.
Design & Engineering

3. Design & Engineering

We design and size systems to provide optimal component life, resilience and profitability. Our solar engineers will provide you with designs that help maximize component life, power stability, and innovative design.
Obtaining Permits

4. Obtaining Permits

Prior to installing solar, we will help you to obtain the proper permits from your local government for permission to install. The required solar permits before will vary by your location and the type and size of your solar energy system.
System Installation

5. System Installation

Not only are we are one of most experienced installer of solar panels across the United States, but we also offer an unrivalled service to all our customers. We want to make your solar installation process easy from start to finish, and we will!
City Inspection

6. City Inspection

You’ll likely need a solar inspection both prior to and post-installation of your solar energy system. We will assist with the inspection process make sure the system meets the necessary building codes and safety regulations.
Utility Connection

7. Utility Connection

The grid company needs to be assured that there’s nothing that’s going to blow up their network once the panels are connected. We make sure that the grid can be confident that nothing is going to go wrong.
Testing & Maintenance

8. Testing & Maintenance

We also conduct regular basic maintenance and testing you are able to ensure that your solar system is performing to 100% of its capabilities ensuring maximum returns returns from your investment.